Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Kagayaku Tsuki ga Terasu Yoru" Miyuki Hatakeyama

Kagayaku Tsuki ga Terasu Yoru
Miyuki Hatakeyama Masato Suzuki
faith records (2001/09/12)
Sales Lanking: 62,991
Average Customer Review: 4
4Kagayaku Tsuki ga Terasu Yoru

Miyuki Hatakeyama is the vocalist of "Port of Notes".
An intelligible melody matches her warm and gentle and low voice well "Kagayaku Tsuki ga Terasu Yoru"(means"the night which the moon which shines illuminates")released solo, and the heart which got tired is relieved.

She songs"I want to nestle up to darling you in any times.
I want to be power calmly."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Lovely BoA , 19 years old , the South Korean native.

South Korean vocalists having ability are popular now in Japan.
BoA is the pioneer.

Although it was still singing from a child's time in Japan, it had become a great woman unawares completely.
Beauty also joins power of expression, a dance, and loveliness, and it has many fans all over Japan.

Of course I want to make her into a girl friend most in a singer.

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BoA Natsumi Watanabe Kazuhiro Hara Narumi Yamamoto K-Muto
AVEX marketing communications(2006/01/18)

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AVEX marketing communications (2005/02/02)
Sales Lanking: 2,786
Average Customer Review: 4.67
5 Perfect!
4 Skillful , proper use of voice
5 All of BoA!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

"Koi ni ochitara" I'm fall in love , Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay
Real name: Crystal Kay Williams.
It is born on February 26, 1986 and is the Yokohama native. 19 years old which goes to the university.
In her smiling face and singing voice, it gets used to a very warm feeling.

Koi ni ochitara
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Crystal Kay H.U.B. Shingo.S Matumi Watanabe Jamelia Davis Ashley Ingram
ERJ (2005/05/18)
Sales Lanking: 1,497
Average Customer Review: 4.78

Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Endless Story" REIRA starring YUNA ITO

a movie "NANA" -- within a play -- song! the charismatic vocalist who appears in the movie "NANA" of autumn subject monopoly in 2005, and the new face "the Ito Yuna" born in 21 years-old Hawaii who won the role of "Leila" -- the name -- as "REIRA starring YUNA ITO" -- debut! "ENDLESS STORY" -- within a play -- ballade of the tears of gratitude about which it is singing on the concert scene of "TORANESU" used as a climax. It is this large attention music of autumn in the subject of a movie.

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REIRA starring YUNA ITO Dawn Ann Thomas ats- H∧L Saeko Nishio daiki kasho Shinya Saito
SonyMusicEnterteinment (2005/09/07)
Sales Lanking: 94

A sweet painful singing voice "Only Human"

It is the theme song of The large-hit teleplay "A one liter tear" of winter last year. Life of the woman who makes it young and suffers from the incurable illness ..

South Korean singer "K" ,the sweet painful singing voice,relieves the heart of those in pain calmly.

Only Human
Only Human
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K Mai Osanai Nao Tanaka Hideki Ninomiya Joe Jackson I.S.O.